The Route

The Route
It is a very long way.....

The Best and Worst Days

Top  Days
It is very difficult to choose which are my top days as there have been so many awesome days on this trip. Here are some of the most memorable:

Rural Rajasthan, India -
Private flight across Zealand North Island -
Abel Tsanman Great Walk, NZ -
Watched a lightening storm over Uluru, Australia -
50km decent from 3400M, China-
Mt Cook, NZ -
Safari, SA -
Wild Tiger, India -
Luxury in India -
Diving the great barrier reef -
Bike to the Great Wall of China with my Dad -
Hiking in the Himalayers -

Challenging/Interesting Days
First Day in India -
Nepal trekking -
Escorted by Chinese Police out of an area, China -
Race to catch Train, China -
Motorcycle hits me in China -
Indian men trying to break into my room through the night -
Push to the border - Mongolia -
Detained by the Russian Army, Russia -
Wet, cold and sick in Siberia -
Snowy River Pass in Torrential Rain, Australia -